This week's top five trending videos: Mitt Romney is pretty fly for a white guy

If the Internet has taught us marketers and content producers anything, it’s that people love cute animals. With that lesson, the lead-in video for this entry on the 5 trending YouTube videos of the week features Jayden, a Shiloh Shepherd who knows how to punish herself after getting in trouble. Be sure to stick around for the number one video that has already achieved almost a million views in just a few short days.

5. Nothing to see here folks other than a dog who slams the door just like any other petulant and sulking kid.

4. I’ve seen this video before, but its been recirculating on the blogosphere. It’s a segment from a Japanese TV show demonstrating a pro-tip on how to rapidly cool off the interior of your car that’s been out in the sun on a hot day. Consider this a PSA for all my sunny state friends whom I curse during my winters in NYC.

3. If you need to feel inspired or need a push in the back to face a fear then just watch and listen to this nine-year-old staring down and talking herself into her first ski jump. I filed this video under “Courage.” This is a must see and be sure to have your sound on for it. If this little girl can convince herself that launching down this icy chute is a good idea, then you can definitely have the balls to call up that person you’ve liked for a date (You know who you are).

2. The web masses enjoyed seeing President Obama’s response and reaction to a deaf audience member’s sign that he was proud of the president. And like the number 3 video, be sure to turn on your sound to catch the audience reaction to Obama’s reply.

1. Parodying Eminem’s popular hit single “The Real Slim Shady,” an Australian lawyer Hugh Atkin created “WIll the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up” which is absolutely brilliant. Stitched together from Romney’s various TV appearances and speeches, this is flawlessly composed and edited. As Atkin explained, “I compiled transcripts of all of the debates, interviews and speeches I could get my hands on and then searched for words and phrases I could use. I also used the videos posted on the Fox News and (to a lesser extent) C-SPAN websites. The videos on both are indexed to transcripts and are searchable by text.” Based on his lyrical flow, Mitt is pretty fly for a white guy. Fly, as in rapper, and not a future POTUS.

[Image via Best Week Ever]