Jennifer Lawrence: Fashion player beyond HUNGER GAMES

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

It’s always exciting, and sexy, to watch a star break away from the pack. This generation’s budding bombshell is Jennifer Lawrence, who is poised to capture hearts everywhere with the release of THE HUNGER GAMES on March 23rd. If there are people still unfamiliar with her, that’s soon to change. At 21, she already graced the cover of Vanity Fair’s 2012 Hollywood issue, has an Oscar nomination under her belt for WINTER’S BONE, and engaged in a fictitious rivalry with the reigning queen of young romance, Kristin Stewart. It takes a rare combination of talent, beauty, and style to accomplish all that. But the natural blonde-turned-brunette can make a side ponytail look effortlessly attractive, or an up-do irresistible. Jennifer’s sophisticated fashion choices makes heads turn, blogs tumble, and tweets… re-tweet. Check out how her style has evolved below and in our Career Evolution: Jennifer Lawrence.

Back in 2008 when Jennifer was still new to the scene she started to garner attention on the festival circuit posing for cameras in a simple white spring dress paired with black flats. Young, poppy, innocent, which just so happens to be the opposite of her character in the independent film THE BURNING PLAIN. She also won the Best Young Actress award at the Venice Film Festival.

Still from WINTER’S BONE.

Of course that was merely a glimpse of the ingenue about to blossom in a role that propelled her into the national consciousness starring in WINTER’S BONE. Onscreen she was a tomboy dressed in her father’s hand me down Carharts. Off screen at the Sundance 2010 premiere Jennifer, flaunted a casual style, pairing a luxe extra long cardigan over a simple black mini dress that spoke volumes by not making too much of a statement. Opting for her portrayal of Ree to do all the talking. A wise choice.

Jennifer at the Golden Globes, in Louis Vuitton. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Of course following that and with the advent of X-MEN FIRST CLASS—and her turn as the young Mystique—we saw the racier side of her personality. Jennifer repeated one knock-em down appearance after the other in 2011. First at the SAG Awards in a dress by Oscar De La Renta paired with Fred Leighton Jewelry. And again stealing airtime at the Golden Globes in a smoky ruffled gown by Louis Vuitton and with Roger Vivier heels; a classic duo if ever there were.

Jennifer wears Marchesa to the Berlin premiere of HUNGER GAMES. (Photo by Anita Bugge/Getty Images)

Of course the hits keep on coming as her buzz grew from a din to a roar. With the promotion for THE HUNGER GAMES at its height we’re blessed with Jennifer opting for backless dresses courtesy of Tom Ford (channeling Halston), along with Marchesa’s romantic interpretation of woman as la gamine.

As it stands, the world is poised to watch this starlet on and off the screen for some time. Jennifer really is every woman we need her to be on the screen and off. Sorry Meryl, it was bound to happen. Everything Jennifer touches, seems to turn to gold.