It's a great day if you like Mancunian bands…and stupid videos on the web

Scientists are still trying to find out how the northern English city of Manchester has produced so many amazing and influential bands. And while most of the acts we know and love are no longer with us (or only pop up for the odd reunion tour), their music lives on in the insane videos we like to watch on the interwebz. Case in point? Two gems we stumbled upon today from The Smiths and Joy Division.

If I had to imagine Morrissey’s own personal hell, it would probably be accompanying a bunch of school kids on a field trip (especially if they request a stop at McDonalds). This video comes pretty close to that:

Bonus track! Watch through the strange botanical visit for Sandie Shaw singing Jeanne! Apparently, this clip is from a short-lived kids show called S.P.L.A.T. (link via badass digest)

Perhaps The Smiths are too upbeat for you? Perhaps being ‘miserable now’ isn’t enough miserable for you? Then you are a lot like me and you love Joy Division. So does this guy and his cats:

And before you freak out, the cats seem to like it. We’re not exactly sure who edited this genius source material. We’re pretty sure, however, that this dude lives alone. (via Free Williamsburg)

One hundred points to the first person who finds a ridiculous dog video set to a Stone Roses track!