Is Mitt Romney a long lost member of the Bluth clan?

I’m not sure what took the Internet so long to give birth to Lucille and Mitt, an obviously brilliant image macro meme combining Lucille Bluth, the sociopathic matriarch of Arrested Development’s the Bluth family, with some of Mitt Romney’s quotes during his campaign that reminds voters of his foot-in-mouth affliction and the enormity of his pocketbook.

If you weren’t aware already, the example above refers to Crate-Gate, which has both “hounded” and “dogged” Mitt’s chances with animal-rights activists and pet owners alike. The story goes like this: In 1983, Mitt Romney took his family on a a 12-hour road trip from Boston to their vacation home in Canada during which their poor dog Seamus rode along in a crate strapped to the car’s roof. Not okay, Mitt! This story is parodied in the latest cover of The New Yorker depicting Romney driving with Santorum on the roof.

The additional subtext in this illustration is that during the drive, Seamus also came down with the unfortunate case of diarrhea. What does this have to do with Santorum? This will provide an insight.

[Via Uproxx]