Green tech finds: Poop-free water edition

It’s World Water Day, so in celebration, I’ve found a number of cool stories about water-related technology, including a ocean-going drone, and clean water from poop (really!).

The record-breaking wave-powered robot: Liquid Robotics PacX Wave Gliders aren’t just cool because they’re powered by the waves they ride on, or that they gather information on the health of ocean ecosystems. They’re also now the holder of the distance world record for unmanned devices. (via Inhabitat)

Water from poop: Yep, the Gates Foundation has agreed to fund the development of a device that harvests clean water and energy from human wastes. No word yet if the water will have to be labeled as “extracted from poop.” (via Earth Techling)

Find out about water pollution in your area: The US EPA’s new Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Pollutant Loading Tool provides citizens with access to information on water pollution,  including “who is discharging, what pollutants they are discharging and how much, and where they are discharging.” (via Great Lakes Echo)

Michigan Tech goes recycled chic for graduation: OK, caps and gowns are hardly chic, but people will definitely be taking a look at those worn by students at Michigan Tech’s graduation this year: they’re made from recycled water bottles. (via Grist and @Bennuworld)

Work out and charge your phone while traveling: Starwood’s Element hotels will now feature one stationary bike in their fitness centers that harvests the energy from pedaling. (via @edbegleyjr)

A solar-powered three-fer in West Africa: National Geographic takes a look at how the  Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) is helping to provide not only energy, but also food and water in Benin. (via @RepowerAmerica)

Growing greens on your bookshelf: That’s the idea behind artist Jenna Spevack’s conversion of common furniture objects into mini-greenhouses appropriate for urban dwellers. If you think this is a cool concept, Spevack is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a exhibition of her work. (via Treehugger)

Find something else cool this week – water-related or not? Share it in the comments.


Image credit: Storm Crypt via photopin cc