Green tech finds: the clean power on wheels edition

Gas prices getting you down? No worries – we’ve got gas-free transportation options this week, including an electric skateboard that just requires your weight,  and a poop-powered rickshaw.

Electric skateboards for the total klutz: No, I was never very good on a skateboard – that whole pushing with one leg thing was too much for me. The ZBoard, however, could make me rethink this mode of transportation: it’s a weight-sensitive board that starts (and stops) with just a lean. (via Inhabitat)

The poop-powered rickshaw: Want to power a vehicle with poop? A zoo’s a great place to get your raw material. The Denver Zoo made this connection, and is trying out a motorized rickshaw that runs on “gasified pellets made from animal poop, as well as trash produced by zoo visitors and staff.” (via CNET Green Tech)

Finding energy savings – child’s play: The “Make an impact: Change Our 2morrow (CO2)” energy conservation competition challenged students (and teachers and administrators) at eight schools to identify energy saving opportunities on campus.

The bamboo keyboard: Wireless keyboards are useful; wireless keyboards made from bamboo are useful and green! iZen’s Bluetooth-enabled bamboo keyboard has been so popular that they’ve gone to Kickstarter to fund a second round of production. (via Cleantechnica)

Want to drive a Ford that gets 70 mpg?: Well, you have to live in Europe – as Treehugger’s resident car expert Michael Graham Richard explains, the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic (which gets 71 mpg) is only sold there. The company, as far as we know, has no plans to bring it to North America.

Find an electric charging station with AAA: Use AAA’s TripTik Travel Planner to find gas stations? If you switch to an electric vehicle sometime soon, you won’t have to switch travel planning apps, as this one now shows the locations of charging stations. (via Earth Techling)

Would you buy a refurbished tablet? Reused and repurposed are definitely green, but you want electronic devices to work. The new Ecofurbished initiative aims to create a standard of quality for refurbished cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. (via Marketwatch)

Find something else, wheeled or not? Than share it with us – just leave a comment below.


Image credit: Screen capture from ZBoard video