Get Shorty

It’s that time of the year again, when we break out our formal attire and reach out to jewelry companies to borrow extravagant designs as we grace the red carpet for…The Shorty Awards. OK none of that will happen within this decade, but a tweeter can dream. And rather than jut let this moment go by in annals of Tumblr, let’s take the opportunity to peep what’s really generating a buzz on the web as it pertains to the fashion art and design. Brace yourselves.

Fashion: Coming in at second place at the closing of voting is a teenybopper of Texan proportion. Sarah White is a Virgo from La Vernia Texas. Aside from coming in as the first runner up for a local pageant (as stated on her FB page), we’re not sure who nominated the self-described actor/model/photographer/painter with her own hash tag campaign (#staystrong) into the fashion category. But she is on a one-woman mission to make sure the Internet is a stylish place of joy, positive reinforcement and camaraderie. In essence she’s campaigning for Miss America well in advance of the age limit. And the zealous joy is a tad frightening.

We really wanted to nominate Nick Bain for this category, but honestly his tumblr page took waaay to long to load, and that kind of misses the point of The Shorties.

PS-Read Sarah’s quick interview on the right of the link. Pure gold.

Art: The art category has got to be the most vague, seeing as the lead singer of Simon Cowell’s new boy band is in the lead with nominations (so not disco). But let’s get back to the Internet’s roots as a safe space for the odd, fringe, even popular, examples of human interest at it’s most gauche—gauche not always being bad. That’s why we’re rooting for the Ian Cook. This classically trained artist has combined his love for painting, automobiles, and—one can only assume—emo music to create paintings that have touched the auto enthusiasts everywhere. Picture radio-controlled cars with paint bottles attached to them, and you have a new kind of wonder not seen since the heyday of toy doodle kits. He’s the Leroy Neiman of the gearhead world.

Design: Believe it or not you actually have to sift through the nominees to find someone that pays attention to design in this category. Most of the nominees are fan pages for budding pop stars most adults have not heard of, or that we have already lived through in one incarnation or the other. So for the sake of expediency we salute Joshua Davis Studio. He mixes digital illustrations and psychedelia in a way that gets fan boys, ravers, and the ladies who love them into a tizzy. A latter day Roger Dean, when he was designing album covers for YES. His work is available for background downloads and edition purchasing. You never what kind of a world you’ll find online; it’s the ultimate sound-off space. In Joshua Davis’ case it’s to a Deadmau5 soundtrack.

Shorty Bonus: we have no idea why this is even a category worth awarding, especially online, but you can vote for your favorite billionaire. Between Trump and Cuban, it’s best we not offer support a nominee (fear of losing our soul and all). But we defer, to you.

PS: Whoever keeps nominating Lady Gaga into just about very category, give it up. She doesn’t care.