This week's top five trending videos: From dogs greeting returning soldiers to the return of Ron Burgundy

You should know by now that I’m always going to try to lead these weekly trending video countdowns with a dog-related item (sorry cat people) when I can. Don’t expect anything different this week (and if you don’t like dogs then know this: I don’t like you). Here are five recent YouTube videos bouncing around the pneumatic tubes of the Internet this week.

5. There’s been a long history of people uploading and watching videos of dogs welcoming back their owners who have been away serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. To state the obvious, war sucks plain and simple. For me, these videos, while making my manly heart melt a bit, also serves as reminder of how fleeting our lives are. The latest of these dog and returning soldier videos is this new one of a soldier returning after being away for 8 months.

4. Self-explanatorily titled “Backflips in unexpected locations” this bored, but jumpy Canadian student records himself doing backflips in random public places such as libraries, malls, outdoors, schools, and classrooms. The order of difficulty for this is a tad higher than planking, tebowing, and owling. The truest fact about the world is that you can divide people into those that can backflip and those who cannot.

3. Did you know that there is a corner on the map of the arcade version of Pacman where the ghosts NEVER visit? It’s true. This would have been super helpful knowledge…thirty years ago.

2. Ron Burgundy showed up on CONAN on Wednesday to play the flute, recommend heavy plastic surgery for Conan’s face, and to announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination that there will be a sequel to ANCHORMAN. Fans of THE ARTIST and WARHORSE are absolutely thrilled. I went to San Diego a few years back, spotted a Blockbuster video rental store (kids, look it up if you have no idea what I’m referring to) and felt compelled by the bro blood in veins to buy my own dvd copy of ANCHORMAN.

1. Joshua Topolsky got to sit down with one of my personal heroes, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and ask the question that all of us meme-heads have wondered: What does the doctor of the cosmos think of the popular “Badass” meme that invokes usage of his expressive face. Watch the short video below to find out.