Draperize your home: Get some affordable Mad Men style

When I saw Don and Megan Draper’s new pad on Sunday night all I could think was, “that looks a bit like my grandparents’ house”. Let me start out by saying that my grandparents have excellent taste. My mother is still pissed at Grandpa for throwing away a bunch of original Barcelona chairs. When I saw that open plan, that streamlined sectional and that gorgeous coffee table my mind went straight getting yelled at to keep my shoes off of the Saarinen chairs (“Michelle, that’s original upholstery!”). And because the Internet is obsessed with keeping track of all things Mad Men, you can find out where the set designers found every single item. You probably don’t have your own set designers, so I’m going to help you find a few products to midcentury-up your own abode:

If you’re anything like me then you’ll never be able to afford custom, built-in furniture like the stuff Megan convinced Don to buy. Fortunately, midcentury end tables and credenzas are easy to find on etsy, Craigslist and at vintage furniture stores:
This one is actually from Dejavu Long Beach, which is one place the Mad Men team actually shops. I see plenty of nice, if mass produced, ones at junk shops and rummage sales, in case you can’t afford a Danish original.

My friend Tanya thinks the best way to Draperize your living room, without overdoing it, is to get a low coffee table and strategically place some decade appropriate knick knacks. For coffee tables think metal plus glass. I rock this Conran glass and chrome table with some of my favorite, vintage glass ashtrays. Everybody had gorgeous ashtrays back then, even if they didn’t smoke. You can find cool ones in thrift stores, but my favorite place for vintage glass and pottery is The End of History. Just look at all of that midcentury gorgeousness:
I like ashtrays because they have a low profile, so they won’t block your view of the TV or get knocked over by rowdy guests.

I’d never suggest buying white carpet, but then again most of my furniture is gray…to match the cat hair. If you really want to give the white carpet look a try, I’d suggest FLOR tiles:

Because you are going to spill something on them and someone is going to ignore your “no shoes” rule. With tiles, you can wash the dirty ones in the sink and keep a few extra, replacement squares stashed away somewhere.

Good luck with your redecorating! And remember, you could always just do some Draping on whatever furniture you’ve already got. It’s like Tebowing for Mad Men fans.