Doonesbury's controversial pro-choice strip

This week’s Doonesbury comic (in five installments over the course of the week) is taking a harsh, satirical look at how Republican legislation all across America (specifically in Texas) is undermining women’s reproductive rights — and many papers are either refusing to run it at all or else moving it to their editorial pages. The strip discusses “shaming rooms” where women wait to be called “sluts” by middle-aged male legislators before being read a script by a doctor and ultimately being probed without their consent by a nurse with a “10-inch shaming wand” who says “By the authority invested in me by the GOP base, I thee rape.” Damn. Pretty powerful stuff. We love all the attention this is getting in the media. Of course, one of the main reasons it’s getting such attention is because of papers not running it. But even we are not sure we would fault any of the papers for moving it to the editorial section — just imagine if there was a comic strip satirically talking about irresponsible women using abortion as a regular means of birth control and brutally killing God’s innocent unborn children out of convenience. No thanks, not with our morning coffee and the “funny” pages!

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