Do you like women? Perhaps you are one? If so, read on…

When I logged onto the Internet today and alerted one of the lady members of my buddy list it was International Women’s Day, her response was underwhelming. I can quote it for you, “Thbthbt…whatevs.” I get it. Most of you are reading this on your fancy computer, phone or tablet while trying to distract yourself from the job your education helped get you. The one you that pays you money for your skills. Well, listen…you are pretty fortunate that spreadsheets are your biggest worry right now. Most women in the world have bigger fish to fry (like being married off as children and rape as warfare). So, thank the women who paved the way for your lifestyle filled with autonomy and overpriced things and then find out more about what women elsewhere are up against. Bonus points for actually doing something proactive!

The Girl Effect is a great place to start. From the comfy confines of your desk chair get a quick glimpse of what girls around the world are up against. Then take a few minutes out of your ladyblog reading to pick one of the awesome projects the fund and consider putting a few pennies towards empowering girls. Or, just post that shit on Facebook (but, really…send a girl to school, please).

The fine folks over at telegraph21 are featuring a kick-ass line-up of films made by and about women. And you don’t need to do anything but watch. Today’s feature is photojournalist Mimi Chakarova’s THE PRICE OF SEX, which chronicles the trafficking of Eastern European women. Chakarova even went undercover as a prostitute to profile women who have survived being sold into the sex trade.

Piss off Rush Limbaugh and donate to Planned Parenthood. It’s nice to have a local option on a day like today…especially when people are still getting uppity about women’s health decisions here in America…in 2012. One in five American women has visited a Planned Parenthood at some point, so whether you are a woman with a vagina, or just someone who appreciates them, you’ve got a reason to support them. Plus, every time you show your Planned Parenthood support, Rick Santorum cries.

Or you can just cut out of work early. Women in China get to take a half-day today, although I’m not sure if this policy is in effect over at Foxconn. On that note, I will be unavailable for the rest of the day.