Now Playing on Sundance Channel: Dead hookers and crossword puzzles

Spring is in the air. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it’s the perfect time to stay inside and watch some movies. Trust me, the pollen count is through the roof right now and I know a lot of you don’t have health insurance to cover your Flonase. Do yourself a favor and cuddle up with James Bond playing a badass, Jewish brother; a collection of crossword playing outcasts and misfits; Patton Oswalt as an obsessive sad sack and a low budget horror film directed by, and starring, twins.

What do Jon Stewart, Bob Dole, the Indigo Girls and Bill Clinton have in common? They’re all addicted to crossword puzzles and weigh in on the issue in WORDPLAY:

And while we all know those boldfaced nerds (and I say that will a lot of respect), the real stars of Patrick Creadon’s documentary are New York Times puzzle editor Will Shortz and five competitors at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. These quirky characters will make you care about crossword puzzles in a way you never thought possible. This is my second favorite word game documentary of all time…right after the Scrabble doc WORD WARS.
WORDPLAY Thursday at 8:45P

This morning I had to run a bunch of errands, including picking up a chair for my great uncle. When I got to my car I realized there were all these bags of stuff I needed to drop off at Goodwill. So, I couldn’t run my main errands until I got rid of the bags and made room in the trunk. DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is a similar story only, instead of old clothes, four friends find a dead hooker in their trunk. Shit happens. In fact, I’m pretty sure shit like this happens in Vancouver all the time!

HOOKER was the debut feature from the Soska Sisters They’re twins who make horror movies. What is not to love?
DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK Thursday at midnight

DEFIANCE is a Daniel Craig action film crossed with a Holocaust movie (two of Hollywood’s favorite things), adapted from a book about things that actually happened (aka history). It’s also a family drama where the stakes are really high…as in ‘the survival of 1,200 people high’. While the on-screen action isn’t historically accurate, the story behind it all is.

This is my second favorite movie based on actual events where Daniel Craig plays a badass Jew…right after MUNICH.
DEFIANCE Sunday at 10P

Before Patton Oswalt shared the screen with Charlize Theron, he starred in the 2009 Sundance selection BIG FAN. The comedian’s turn as a dramatic, leading man (if you can call his character that) surprised everybody and he’s gotten some great gigs since then. So has the film’s writer/director Robert Siegel (THE WRESTLER) whose most recent script TURBO is currently in production with big names including Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds and, well, Snoop Dogg.

BIG FAN is about one obsessive fan who ends up getting beat up by the object of his fanaticism. That would suck under any circumstances, but it especially sucks for Oswalt’s Paul, who lives with his mother and works at a parking garage. To add insult to injury he lives on Staten Island. Sheesh! Can’t a guy catch a break? I wonder what Paul would think of the Jets signing Tim Tebow….
BIG FAN Monday at 10P