DC Environmental Film Festival meets World Water Day

I’m sure it wasn’t lost on the organizers of this year’s Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital that the second week of screenings and events overlapped World Water Day on Thursday. Of course, it was probably also easier to book space in conjunction with this particular environmental event than one occurring, say, next month (which begins with “Earth”). But water is also a critical element of human health, the focus of this year’s 20th festival, so that conjunction worked on a number of fronts.

Organizers have sprinkled (if you will) water-themed films throughout the festival. If you’re heading to the festival this week, here are a few of the water-related films hitting the screen:

LAST CALL AT THE OASIS: This entry from Participant Media looks at the world water crisis broadly, from communities already dealing with it to social entrepreneurs leading efforts to maintain and expand access to fresh water. Screening March 21.

THE MAN WHO STOPPED THE DESERT: Marc Dodd’s 2010 film tells the story of Yacouba Sawadogo, a Burkina Faso farmer who’s dedicated his life to challenging the spread of the Sahara desert with the traditional farming method called Zai Yacouba. Screening March 22.

SEMPER FI: ALWAYS FAITHFUL: What’s a dedicated Marine to do when he discovers that the Corps is responsible for the water contamination that likely led to his daughter’s cancer? Rachel Libert and Tony Hardmon’s documentary tells the story of Master Sergeant Jerry Ensminger’s efforts to get the Marines to stand by their motto. Screening March 24.

These films have all been making the festival rounds, so feel free to jump in and recommend (or pan).


Image: a dried-up lake in Australia Credit: Participant Media