What do we want? An affordable, non-hormonal, long-lasting contraception option for men!

When do we want it? Now! Of course, these kind of things take time and money. And if these things don’t fit the Big Pharma money-making model (take a pill, day after day, year after year, and keep shelling out the dough for it), then getting backing and support is an uphill battle. But Vasalgel seems to be the little birth control that could. After three decades of research and trials in India, this method of reversible male contraception has made it’s way to America thanks to the Parsemus Foundation, which is dedicated to finding low-cost solutions neglected by the pharmaceutical industry.

The latest news on this front: preliminary rabbit safety and efficacy studies in the U.S. just started this month! Read this fascinating history of the birth control formerly known as RISUG published by Wired. Or check out this abbreviated description of how it works. And then be sure to sign the non-spam petition to let Vasalgel’s funders and other policymakers know that this is important work, that there’s a demand for male contraception. For far too long, much of the burden of contraception has been placed on women, while men are left with few non-permanent options (basically one: condoms). So even if you don’t think Vasalgel is the kind thing for you (minor surgery is involved), help give non-hormonal, long lasting (10 years!), reversible, and affordable male contraception a fighting chance: sign the petition. If you do think this is the kind of thing for you, you can sign up for updates about clinical trials, which Parsemus hopes to begin this year.