Now playing on Sundance Channel: Clooney, Murray, Blanchett & Pop in black & white

Jim Jarmusch and Steven Soderbergh are here to help you. How? By giving your eyes a break from processing color and entertaining your brain for a bit. Check out what is playing this week on Sundance Channel:

If it is Thursday night, chances are we’re going to offer you a sexy, French thriller. We’re just nice like that:

This week it is writer/director Alain Corneau’s final film, LOVE CRIME. It’s got a ruthless boss (Kristin Scott Thomas), a sexy ingénue (Ludivine Sagnier) and murder most foul! We know what you want at midnight.
LOVE CRIME Thursday at midnight

George Clooney just looks better in black and white:

I mean, he never looks bad, but there is something about the absence of color that really draws out his classic good looks. Cate Blanchett also looks great in black and white, and this week we get a double shot of her, starting with THE GOOD GERMAN. Steven Soderberg gives post-WWII Berlin the film noir treatment in his adaptation of the Joseph Kanon novel. And while folks didn’t love the movie when it came out it is still worth a watch for the “genre pastiche” which will make you want to watch CASABLANCA again. And it is true, you can never really get out of Berlin. That’s why I’m eating a currywurst while writing this.
THE GOOD GERMAN Saturday at 10P

UP WITH ME is a little SXSW gem we’ve got premiering on Sundance Channel:

It takes an old premise (kid from Spanish Harlem gets a shot at boarding school success, but can’t shake the ties back home), and updates it through novel filmmaking techniques. The film is a DIY project from East Harlem Tutorial Project. The cast is all non-actors from the neighborhood and the students themselves helped out with the script. It’s a non-traditional film that took home a Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble from SXSW back in 2008. Fun fact: UP WITH ME was shot by the guy who runs The Takedown: America’s Most Important Food Competition.
UP WITH ME Sunday at 6:40P

Jim Jarmusch made 11 short films that featured coffee and cigarettes. Then he turned them into one movie, COFFEE AND CIGARETTES:

You probably already know this, because you watch Sundance Channel. You probably also know that every actor and musician you’ve ever liked is in this movie, including Tom Waits, Bill Murray, RZA, GZA, Cate Blanchett, the White Stripes and Iggy Pop. You already love this film so set your DVR so you can watch it whenever you want.