Celebrate Super Tuesday with these vintage C-Span appearances

Spend this Super Tuesday with the network that covers this mess even when there isn’t an election going on. Jim Romenesko compiled this collection of the first C-Span appearances of various media notables such as Jill Abramson, Ana Marie Cox, Matt Drudge, Andrew Sullivan, Howard Kurtz, Malcolm Gladwell and our favorite (joking) Michelle Malkin. I know you’re all tired of hearing this in the same sentence about C-Span, but I’m going to say it anyway: This is pretty awesome.

As Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum prepare to go head to head today, and with the latter looking to regain momentum for his candidacy with his best “Heeeeeere’s Johnny” act on Romney’s hopes and dreams to be the next POTUS, you can browse the C-Span video archives for their early appearances on the MTV of political coverage. Below is Mitt Romney in 1994 and Rick Santorum in 1990. And I gotta say, their hair back then was even more swagerrific.