BEGINNINGS takes you back with Charlotte Gainsbourg & Christian Louboutin

Have you ever wondered how some guy named Christian Louboutin became the king of high heels? Or what it was like to grow up Gainsbourg? We did, which is why Sundance Channel has a whole new installment of Chiara Clemente’s short film series BEGINNINGS lined up for you. This time, we travel to Paris to get the goods on some of the City of Light’s most creative minds. You’ll be able to see them all online starting Wednesday, March 14th.

This season, in Paris, we’ll meet actress/musician Charlotte Gainsbourg, shoe designer Christian Louboutin, perfume editor Frederic Malle, film director and cartoonist Marjane Satrapi (PERSEPOLIS), and founder of Shakespeare and Company, Sylvia Whitman. Each short film in BEGINNINGS delves into early memories. Objects and ephemera such as a photograph, a piece of music or a childhood trip reveal both the inner workings of the creative process and the impact of each person’s experience on their art. The dynamic films include interviews, music and archival footage. The series is directed by Chiara Clemente who spoke to Women’s Wear Daily about sharing the creative process with such creative people:

One common sentiment among the disparate cast of “Beginnings: Paris,” was people expressing the need to create. Satrapi was “the most explosive character,” Clemente says. “I heard Gainsbourg was shy, but she was great. Louboutin was very open. I got to see his whole creative process.”

And don’t forget to check out the first seven episodes of BEGINNINGS, featuring NYC luminaries including chef Dan Barber, designer Carolina Herrera and photographer Mario Sorrenti. Get a taste with Yoko Ono: