Now playing on Sundance Channel: A mind warp and a time warp

Daylight savings time starts this weekend, so don’t forget to spring forward on Saturday night. Or is it Sunday morning? All I know is that whenever the powers that be mess with my external clock, my internal one ends up paying the price. So we here at Sundance Channel have decided to throw caution to the wind and mess with your perception a bit further by featuring a few films that will warp the time-space continuum.

OK, David Lynch’s cult classic BLUE VELVET may not mess with time, but it does mess with just about everything else. I was way too young the first time I saw this movie, but after a few years of transcendental meditation I recovered from the experience, watched it again and now totally get it!

It’s very difficult to explain why you need to watch this movie, but rest assured you do. Here is an amusing plot summary, but all you really need to know is this simple equation:
(Isabella Rossellini + Kyle MacLachlan + Laura Dern + Dennis Hopper) x David Lynch = BLUE VELVET
BLUE VELVET Thursday at Midnight

As Saturday turns into Sunday…and an hour of your life miraculously disappears, settle in a Daylight Saving Time Warp. We’ll kick things off with UNCERTAINTY, a time-bending film set in New York City on the Fourth of July. Indie fave Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins tell two different stories of the same day. And this movie isn’t just entertaining…it is also educational! It kinda, sorta illustrates the uncertainty principle. So, settle in and get ready to find out where classical physics meets quantum mechanics!
UNCERTAINTY Saturday at 10P

The time warp continues with Gasper Noé’s ENTER THE VOID. Find out what happens when you get shot in in a club and then have an out-of-body experience. It’s trippy and there is a lot of neon…which sounds perfect for a midnight movie while you are actually hurtling through time. VOID also features some of the coolest point of view sequences in contemporary cinema. That, mixed with the totally psychedelic, neon-laser scenes, means that epileptics probably shouldn’t watch this one if they are photosensitive.
ENTER THE VOID Saturday at Midnight

Mondays are perfect for a short film or two…just enough to unwind from the physiological trauma of going back to work. Make sure to set your DVR to catch TOYLAND, the 2009 Oscar winner for Best Live Action Short Film. When a young, German boy finds out his friend has to “go away”, his mother tries to soften the blow by explaining that he is going to Toyland (and not, you know, Dachau). Non-hilarity ensues. Sure, it’s a Holocaust film and yes, it is in German, but 14 minutes has actually been scientifically proven as the perfect length for German language Holocaust films. Any longer and well…you know.
TOYLAND Monday at 3:30P