Xena joins Greenpeace

Count Xena: Warrior Princess among your guilty pleasures? Got a thing for leather armor mini-dresses and overdubbed battle wails? Miss that smack-you-over-the-head sexual tension between Xena and Gabrielle? Hey, who doesn’t? But since the show’s been off the air for over a decade, actress Lucy Lawless has time on her hands – and is dedicating at least some of it to environmental activism in her native New Zealand.

Last Thursday, Lawless and fellow activists boarded “the Liberian-flagged Noble Discoverer, which was to depart on an 11,000km journey to drill three exploratory oil wells in the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska” on behalf of Shell oil. The “occupiers” spent four days on the ship before being arrested for burglary (no word yet on anything they stole); they also blogged, shot photographs and videos, and posted them to Greenpeace New Zealand’s website from atop the drill derrick on the ship.  No word if Lawless used any of her patented battle flips from the Xena days against the police who eventually arrested her.

Seriously, though, these activists put their own comfort and freedom on the line to bring attention to oil drilling in the Arctic: if you’d like to learn more about why they climbed that oil rig and camped out, check out the collection of content on the action from Greenpeace International, or the #SavetheArctic hastag. And consider supporting this action by adding your name to the Stop Shell petition.


Featured image credit: Screen capture from Greenpeace video