Werner Herzog says amazing things — Now with chickens!

German director (amongst other things) Werner Herzog can almost always be relied on to say or do things that are just as entertaining as his films (CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS, GRIZZLY MAN). His most recent foray into delighting people on the internet comes in the form of this rant against chickens (via HuffPo):

Werner Herzog on Chickens from Tom Streithorst on Vimeo.

“The enormity of their stupidity is just overwhelming.” Wow. Those words coming out of anybody else’s mouth just wouldn’t be as entertaining. In fact, it is so much fun to listen to this guy talk about random things that people actually do it for him. Check out this clip of (not) Herzog reading Curious George.

Chickens! Monkeys! It’s the perfect opportunity to round up some of our favorite tidbits of Herzog being Herzog on the web. Please enjoy:

Herzog narrates the thoughts of a plastic bag:

Herzog gets shot with a BB gun during a BBC interview. It was not a “significant bullet”:

Remember that time Werner rescued Joaquin Phoenix from that car crash? We sure do:

And, of course, there is always Herzog eating his shoe.

Keep fucking that chicken, Werner.