This week's top 5 trending videos: Animal style

This week’s edition is a special, animal style (not to be confused with the delicious burger from In-N-Out) edition filled with the top 5 trending YouTube videos starring some of your favorite creatures that have been getting passed around the Internets. Warning: You may experience cute overload.

5. Matt Ufford goes backstage at the Westminster Dog Show and attempts to pet each and every one of the 185 breeds represented at this annual show.

4. A game of tug of war between a dog and a horse goes from fun to “wow, that dog is being a prick!”

3. “What a show off. Over-achiever!” – All the other dogs opinions of this yellow lab.

2. This is a two-for-one of fail videos featuring a dog that knows when its his chance to seize the moment. Watch until the very end for the LOL payoff.

1. The number one video this week stars a tiger, bear, and donkey. I don’t want to spoil anything but if this is what Disneyland is like, then sign me up.

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