The Gr8 Debate

Photo by Jennifer Morrow, used under a Creative Commons license.

No one gets a crowd to mingle and chatter better than the Gays, stereotypes be damned. So when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Proposition 8 was just a hate monger of a bill that looked to treat a section of tax paying Americans and their families as second class citizens, the bull horns and boutique hand soap boxes came out of the closet faster than the freshman class of High School for the Performing Arts. Everyone got to talking, tweeting, instagramming, and expressing them selves in anyway they felt prudent.

We might as well start off with the most popular lesbian, and JC Penney’s spokesperson, Ellen DeGeneres. Portia De Rossi’s wife used her television show as a platform to reach millions of stay at home, gay-making moms to explain how the ruling was a positive step down the long road towards equal rights for all Americans. She also found time to promote—what is most likely—her multi-million dollar contract with the company, reminding us all that her haters are her motivators. Latter day capitalism chic.

Of course there were equally loud, if not as cute, dissenting voices from conservatives like the delusional paladin, Rick Santorum. With his crafty take on tolerance, Santorum took the defensive route saying,  “The intolerance of the left—is a religion on to itself, it is just not a biblical based religion. And it is the most intolerant — just like we say from the days of the atheists in the Soviet Union.” Touché, but then again what else can you expect from the only guy running for president with a name that’s slang for, well, you know.

Of course there were some quicker and cuter comments from Hollywood and the like. Bachelor around town Chaz Bono chimed in with heartfelt sincerity (irony?), heterosexual cutie Seth McFarland, and RuPaul’s Drag U guest judge Kelly Osbourne took to twitter in support of the ruling. But perhaps the most enjoyable gesture in the public debate was delivered by none other than Jesse Tyler Ferguson (it’s so much fun just saying his name) when he posted a picture of televisions favorite gay couple Mitch and Cam, from Modern Family. Who wouldn’t want to see an episode where the two married?

As funny as that would be, it seems reality in the 21st Century is ridden with real comedy thanks to some of the wittier protest signs ever. Adding sational after the word sin on a hateful sign is camp genius. We should also give kudos to the brave gay that glitter bombed Mitt Romney during his recent primary loss to Ms. Santorum (prefix not a typo, just an affect). It happens right at 7 seconds, stuff like that never gets old. Stereotypes be damned!