Show some love to the Gulf this week

It’s Valentine’s Day, and even if you think its an overhyped “holiday” designed to get  you spending money on cards, flowers, and candy, you’re probably not going to ignore it – could get lonely otherwise! The organizations that contribute to the Restore the Mississippi River Delta campaign hope you’ll share a little love with the Gulf of Mexico, also: while the BP Oil Spill seems eons ago, February may be the month in which BP settles with the Justice Department on fines related to the spill, and the numbers could top $20 billion. Without specific legislation, though, that money could be swallowed up by the federal budget, with little or none of it going to restore and support the states damaged by the months-long spill.

The RESTORE Act of 2011 would make sure that fines paid by BP went to the affected states: they’d be guaranteed 80% of the funds. But with BP looking to settle, time’s of the essence: a plan needs to be in place by the time the company pays up. So, the restoration campaign has latched onto Valentine’s Day week as the time to roll out an online activism project: Show your #LOVE for the Gulf. In short, the campaign is creating a social media barrage aimed at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to get them to focus on the passage of this important legislation.

The project launched yesterday on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as on the pages of major newspapers in the region. It’s easy to participate if you want to join in: just follow these social media profiles, and take action during the week as directed. This should be a total no-brainer for the Senate leaders: in this time of ideological divide, the RESTORE Act has bipartisan support in both Houses.

Got a thing for the Gulf? Having grown up in the region, I know I do! Share your memories and experiences, as well as your efforts to save the area’s ecosystems, in the comments below.


Image credit: InAweofGod’sCreation via photopin cc