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Now playing on Sundance Channel: The spectrum of teenage behavior

This week we’ve got aspiring pop stars and one of the world’s biggest rock icons. We’ve also got a kinky take on an American artist and an in-your-face story that involves skateboards, making out and shirtless teenage boys. So, whether you like the SoCal sunshine or deep dive docs, you’ll find something to watch on Sundance Channel.

South Los Angeles, or as it was known until the early aughts, South Central, occupies an interesting position in American culture. Countless films are set there, and most of them from the last 25 years are deeply rooted in the area’s hip-hop culture. WASSUP ROCKERS is about an entirely different, yet awesomely vibrant, subculture…one that rebels against that gangsta-tinged stereotype. Larry Clark (KIDS) takes a doc-esque approach to this story about the skateboarding, punk loving, Latin American teenagers who tenuously coexist with the more mainstream cultures in Los Angeles. And, because it is fashion week, look for an appearance by designer Jeremy Scott

It will make you say WTF, as well as wassup.
WASSUP ROCKERS Thursday at Midnight

Culture shift on over to Europe where an entirely different set of teenagers took part in a singing competition that makes THE VOICE look like nothing more than an excuse to stare at Christina Aguilera’s clevage (oh, wait). SOUNDS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT follows four contestants through the minefield that is the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Don’t know much about the Eurovision song competition? It’s like American Idol watched Olympic ice skating and then had a one night stand with Glee before settling in to watch a few episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Don’t believe me? While the schlock factor is laughable when adults are belting out the tunes, there is something endearing about seeing kids do it.

I’ll admit it. That charmed my cynical pants off…especially the part with the priest talking about Led Zeppelin.

What? You never saw THE US VS JOHN LENNON? Remedy that situation right now and set your DVR to record this deep dive into the real motivations behind the government’s desire to deport my dad’s favorite Beatle (I’m more of a George Harrison girl).

Yeah, I thought it was weird to cast Nicole Kidman as Diane Arbus, but weird is exactly what FUR: AN IMAGINARY PORTRAIT OF DIANE ARBUS is all about. Director Steven Shainberg and screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson were both behind SECRETARY, so you can be sure there will be enough kinky thrills to make FUR worth your time. Even if it is, well…weird.

Like your kink a bit more mainstream? Check out LOVE LUST on Monday at 8P for an in depth look at lingerie. Here is a tease, I mean taste: