LOVE LUST – Gimme some air


When Faye Dunaway graced the screen in BONNIE AND CLYDE, you knew you were on the wrong side of the tracks. You got the same feeling once Melanie Griffith took off her black wig in SOMETHING WILD, or when Carrie Anne-Moss confidently strutted in THE MATRIX. These women got what they wanted. Men were around, but our attention and the camera’s gaze were directed on fairer – though not necessarily gentler – sex. Muscles and guns, stubble and sneers are a dime a dozen. Watching a woman break the rules, and make her own, is a breath of fresh air. In short, bad girls are oxygen.

You can hate them, call them derogatory names, vilify them in public conversations, but at home you’re Googling their every move. Loading up on gossip, reading blogs and taking notes of their style. We normally find them in public realms. Azealia Banks is the latest bad girl in music entertainer, She’s a mix of naughty and nice with a beguiling smile akin to Lolitas of the ages, and her irreverent non-flinching tongue seems to be on the tip of every blogger’s.

A badass woman steals car keys, she hops the subway, she stirs the pot, engages in petty shoplifting, and makes you feel alive. She convinces you to break out of the self-imposed conventions you work with for a chance at real living that may come with a price. Sharon Stone in BASIC INSTINCT. It’s a fantasy to you, but a reality to her. No matter what stage of life you’re in, there will always be an agent of corruption to cause row. Nicole Kidman in TO DIE FOR. Strong, sexy, confident, she’s living outside of convention, self assuredly; with critiques and envy in constant toe.

We don’t where they come from, what the impetus for them may be, that changes as culture evolves, but every generation has them. But males and females take note of their fashion, body language, the way they walk, subtle facial gestures, and choice of words. It’s a tender mix of independence and feminine wilds that unnerves us. The question is whether you’ll side with the heard and burn her by the stake, (oxygen fuels fire) or stand by her side and blow this popsicle stand.  Which is it?