We love: Actor Jean Dujardin sleeping on people

Keanu Reeves is not only a star in Hollywood but he is among the biggest stars if not the biggest (as far as actors go) in the world of online memes in the subcategory of image macros with his blockbuster viral meme “Sad Keanu” (which I previously discussed here) and Conspiracy Keanu. However Oscar nominee Jean Dujardin, star of THE ARTIST has come out of nowhere to try to claim the meme throne from Keanu with the “Jean Sleeping on People” Photoshop macro for which there exists a Tumblr, naturally. It all began after Jean jokingly took a snooze on George Clooney’s shoulder during the Academy Awards nominee luncheon. This version of the Jean meme made me “LOL” in particular:

I think Jean has a way to go before knocking Keanu off his pedestal, but this meme does show some promise. And now we cue NBC’s More You Know PSA.