Green tech finds: Mardi Gras beads and that new car smell

Want to charge your e-bike with solar power? Find an iPod speaker as cool as the iBamboo that doesn’t break? Laugh at Donald Trump some more? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Can you recycle Mardi Gras beads? If you celebrated the lead-up to Lent this week, you may have a ton of plastic beads on hand. While they generally can’t go in the recycling bin, a number of organizations in New Orleans are figuring out “catch and release” schemes for reusing these party favors. (via Earth 911 and @Bennuworld)

iBamboo speakers that don’t break: Users love their iBamboo speakers (which are just a hollow length of bamboo with docking space), but worry about them chipping or breaking while traveling with them. The solution: an “urban” version of the technology made from recycled plastic. (via Crisp Green)

Retiring the electric bills: That’s the idea behind SheaXero, an Arizona “active lifestyle community” that makes solar panels and energy efficient appliances standard. (via MNN and @HuffPostGreen)

Trump’s turbine tantrum: Thought the Cape Wind brouhaha was ridiculous? Donald Trump has taken such whining across the pond to Scotland, where offshore wind plans might spoil the pristine view from his new golf resort. (via Treehugger)

Love that new car smell? Don’t breath it too deeply: it’s the product of chemical off-gassing in the car. The Ecology Center has tested new cars for these airborne nasties, and found that the Honda Civic and Toyota Prius are the least toxic of the bunch.

Solar parking for your electric bike: Want a really clean ride? Nothing beats an electric vehicle powered by renewable energy. That’s the idea behind The Solar Bikeport, a parking kiosk for electric bikes that charges their batteries with sun power.

The Delaware Tribe goes solar: Economic growth in Native American communities has often been linked to gambling operations in the last few decades, but Oklahoma’s Delaware Tribe is creating wealth for its community through the solar and green tech industries.

Find other green tech that meets your needs this week? Share it with us below.


Image credit: ladybugbkt via photopin cc