Green tech finds: Cool tech, cold tech

Just because we’re all trying to stay warm right now doesn’t mean that some techies aren’t thinking about cold – or at least cool. From climate-friendly freezers to arguments for space heating, we’ve got what’s cool – and what’s cold.

Ben & Jerry’s stays cold in a green freezer: The iconic ice cream maker, and its parent company Unilever, have rolled out the “Greener Freezer,” a commercial cabinet that uses 10% less energy and replaces harmful refrigerants with more climate-friendly gases. (via Earth Techling and @ecosphericblog)

More apps: We’ve touched on a number of these, but Science Friday’s collection of environmental apps for your smart phone and tablet has a few we’ve missed, including Carticipate and the Global Warming Prediction app. (via @goodguide)

Nike starts selling products with waterless dye: Yep, those colors on your clothes and shoes have environmental impact. Nike’s been exploring a waterless technology that uses recycled carbon dioxide; products featuring the DyeCoo process will start appearing on store shelves later in the year. (via Triplepundit)

E-bike sharing coming to San Francisco: Bicycling’s hot in San Francisco, but would probably be even more popular if it wasn’t for those hills. Local non-profit City Carshare plans to make biking a bit more attractive by offering electric bikes through its sharing service. (via Treehugger and @global_cool)

Beat the cold with space heaters: No, it hasn’t been a particularly brutal winter (in the US, anyway), but you’re probably still running the heat. Do you really want to pay to heat space you’re not using? Start Talking Cents makes an argument for the judicious use of space heaters. (via @thegoodhuman)

Who’s the coolest in IT? According to the latest installment of Greenpeace’s Cool IT Leaderboard, it’s Google, mainly for the internet giant’s massive investments in renewable energy. (via Energy Efficiency News and @adamwerbach)

Hacking cleaner companies: MIT’s Technology Review take a look at January’s Cleanweb Hackathon in New York City, and the ideas that came out of the weekend-long entrepreneurship and hacking orgy. (via @solarmosaic)

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Image credit: Unilever