Now playing on Sundance Channel: Get ready for Valentine's Day with some Yakuza murders

It’s hard to believe we’re less than a week away from everybody’s least favorite Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day. If the mere thought of heart shaped boxes of chocolates and overpriced roses makes you want to gouge someone’s eyes out, then let the movies take you away! You are far less likely to end up with jail time. And if violence isn’t your thing, we’ve also got some indie stalwarts, and even a bit of rom com lined up to get you through the next week.

Prostitutes, torture, murder, sadomasochism, Yakuza thugs…it’s all enough to make you say WTF. And if it also makes you say hell, yeah then you will love ICHI THE KILLER. This chaotic Japanese film directed by Japanese horror master Takashi Miike revolves around a guy who turns into a homicidal maniac (and gets turned on) whenever you make him angry. It turns him into quite a handy weapon:

Oh, and if you are too scared to go to bed after all that, you can watch MAN ON WIRE to calm you down.
ICHI THE KILLER Thursday at midnight

Perhaps a charming, indie dramedy about a family of interesting women is more your speed? Then check out LOVELY & AMAZING. While the story told in this 2001 Tribeca and Toronto Film Festival alum is solid, it’s the cast that’s the real draw here. Look for strong performances from indie faves Catherine Keener and Emily Mortimer, as well as an adorable turn from a very young, but still dreamy, Jake Gyllenhaal.
LOVELY AND AMAZING Saturday at 8:25P

Every now and then it is fun to see some of our Sundance regulars in an older film. With Paul Dano impressing festival audiences with this year’s FOR ELLEN and Zooey Deschanel ruling network television (seriously, who saw that coming?), it’s time to take another look at GIGANTIC. If you’re a fan a quirky, indie fare, you’ll find something to adore in this romantic comedy.
GIGANTIC Sunday 8:15P

OK. There is no denying that Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. So, it’s our moral obligation to provide you with something that is both sweet and hysterical. That means a bit of an Irish romp through the wedding industry. HAPPY EVER AFTERS tells the story of two “celebrations” accidentally booked at the same venue. One wedding is for money (and immigration purposes) and the second (re-)marriage is for love…or not. Hijinks definitely ensue and, hopefully, at least someone falls in love.

And, finally, LOVE LUST returns on Monday at 8P with one of our all time favorite topics, Bad Girls! Here is a sneak peak, featuring Queen of the Bad Girls, Madonna: