Balancing dogs vs Balanced dogs

“Now, tell me… who owns the Internet?” asked @sfsutcliffe on Twitter to which I replied “Cats and 4Chan.” This is largely true, but occasionally dogs get their time in the meme spotlight as is the case with Tiger, possibly the most patient Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog mix in the world. Tiger has his own popular Tumblr “Food on My Dog” and like its title explains Tiger patiently allows his owner, Andrew to put all manners of food on its head. And for some reason the Internet is loving this. You do not ask why a meme happens, but you just learn to accept it. When I initially saw this I thought this was a bit torturous for Tiger but after reading Andrew’s explanation it makes me wonder just who is training whom.

When I call tiger over and she sees the camera, she begin to furiously wag her tail and get excited. Why? Because she knows that she is going to do a trick that she has been taught, and that she is going to get a treat. I let her know how impressive her behavior is with lots of love and attention after she preforms the tricks for our little photo-shoot.

The cat lover version of “food on my dog” are breaded cats. Yes. Bread and cats. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. On the high-brow end of this spectrum is photographer Theron Humphrey’s ongoing daily photo series starring his dog Maddie who he snaps artistically balanced on top of various objects as seen below as he travels to all 50 states in the union (via).