Keystone XL: 24 hours, 800,000 voices

Image credit: chesepeakeclimate

The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline was dealt a big blow in the 24 hours during which you asked your friends, family and neighbors to weigh in on it.  In 24 hours, 800,000 of us raised our voices on this matter and yesterday all of your letters – that’s right, all of them – were hand delivered to Capitol Hill.

This is democracy at its best.  It really is.  We told elected officials playing political games with this important matter that not only don’t we want this dirty, dangerous, climate-destroying tar sands pipeline, but that we want leadership on clean energy.

Thank you for working so hard to get the word out and thank you for staying with this issue, which is simply NOT the answer to America’s dependence on fossil fuel.

We need you stay with this in the months ahead as we continue fighting to stop this dangerous project once and for all.

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