Your weekend horoscope: Recharge your battery & and watch STAGE DOOR

There are those who seem to enjoy watching the world pass by, like sweet retirees in Boca Raton, and then there’s you, Aries, who has a similar approach to life, just without all the floral hats and accessories. But this week is ripe for the social networker in you to succeed. So put down the sunscreen, turn off the television and go on out and mingle. With all the major planets in forward rotation the energy around you is bursting with positive energy. Dust off the screenplay and shop it around again, you may have better luck this time. Eccentric people have entered your life recently and this can mean all the difference. You never know, someone might ask you to write the next CARNAGE. So hustle, baby.

For some, January is all about fresh starts and renewed commitments. But those are the people who may have a bit of a problem with follow through, which is not something you struggle with much, Taurus. Your work ethic and commitment to a project paid off in spades at the end of last year, so this is the perfect time for you to pack a bag and scram out of town. Hit the tropics, or the Hudson Valley–check out Jean-Luc Moulene’s exhibit at Dia Beacon, just go out and enjoy your time. As important as it is to work, it’s also necessary to recharge your battery. Besides, we’re not telling you to go alone, we know you’re smitten these days. Invite them along and make a steamy long weekend of it. When you return, it’s go time again.

Has anyone ever told you that you’re lucky with money? No? Well this week is the start of a new trend, albeit a finite one (but finality is what defines a trend). Jupiter, planet of luck and generosity, we love Jupiter, is hovering in your sign near Uranus. Expect old debts to be settled in your favor as well new opportunities and investments. Let’s not start this year off the same way we ended 2011. If the stars are offering you a clean slate, don’t chalk it up with material obsessions. But don’t be a grinch to yourself either. Plan for larger things in your life, like a new house or even green lighting your own project. Just heed the wise word of Abba, money money money, it’s a rich man’s world.

There has been someone in your atmosphere recently that has been occupying a bit more mental real estate than you are used to allowing, Cancer. This doesn’t have to just mean romantic (though it can be), it could be a coworker or family member. Whoever the person is—this week—they have contributed to a situation in your life that needs resolution. You don’t have to tell us that you have been sizing up the situation, mulling over options, and debating whether you want to tough it out or throw in the towel. If you’re still on the fence this week here’s something to consider, if it aint easy, is it worth it? Wouldn’t your time be better spent beefing up on overlooked directors like Gregory La Cava and his classic adaptation of STAGE DOOR. He’s poised to be rediscovered now. Total gold.

No one ever said it was easy, in fact there have been enough bad books and movies (and great ones) about the rise to fame, Leo. Read Valley of The Dolls, see THE ROSE. But if anyone is cut out for a touch of notoriety, it’s you. And right now the planets are setting you up for some pretty large sized opportunities that are going to require a heck of a lot of work on your end. Expect clients and bosses to be as difficult as possible around the 19th, keep your cool, the road to fame is a riddled with potholes (unless you’re Beiber, in which case we’ll just stay silent). Lucky Jupiter is on your side so make sure to keep your nose to the grind and you’ll do just fine. It takes a lot of work for successes to happen, what might bloom in May needs to be attended to now. Kind of like two television shows planning a crossover, it’s been known to happen.

Bed for two? Why not, Virgo. The sexual energy around you right now is so heavy you may feel like you’re living through the sexual revolution.  And as far as we can see there’s no real reason to feel guilty, so long as you play fair. Mars rules sexuality and that heavy hitter has set up shop in your house for an extended stay through July. If you feel like you have to bat them away, it’s probably because you are. But you know you can also apply this energy to work and creative efforts. Look at Damien Hirst. Kidding, he had other people make his art, but you get the point.

Take a look around you Libra, take note of the clutter around your home, maybe a cabinet door is on it’s last leg, maybe you’ve forgotten to clean up the pile of magazines. You know, the ones with interesting articles you haven’t read yet. Snap out of it and spruce up your life, you’re poised to hit the ground running with work, education, and romance, but you have got to make sure you’re ready to tackle all of it. Jupiter is in your sign putting emphasis on home base. Dreaming about moving to a new place is not the solution. Get yours hands dirty and get to work. People all over the world do it; let’s not consider ourselves to be above the fray. Just look at what’s going in Turkish cinema. Quickly, before Mars goes retrograde next week and work, school, and romance get that much more confusing. Get to it!

It may be good to be king, but if you can’t be king (sorry ‘bout that, Prince Harry) then the next best thing is to have friends, and lots of them. Fortunately for you, Scorpio, having good relations comes natural to you. Mars is hanging out in your eleventh house, which happens to rule personal contacts, and your extended circle is going to play a heavy role in the advancement of your work projects. Just be ready to take their call, meaning make sure you attended to all the last minute details. Look at Martin Scorsese, it’s good to have friends.

What’s the matter Sagittarius? Is the inertia at work killing you? It’s understandable. You were on such a roll just a few weeks ago. Sometimes downtime can be a good thing, but we think it’s best if you look at this moment more like a direct challenge. Mars is slowing down this week so you can expect the molasses speed to continue like this for some time. You can however look adversity in the eyes and fight it, you can raise your arms in defiance to the planets and say no. Take a spin class, say yes to as many projects as you can, the sheer volume of it all will produce results to your liking. Like fellow Sag, Helen Frankenthaler. It’s a numbers game.

Someone’s loving you right now, Capricorn, and his name is Jupiter. If you’re a heterosexual male reading this, please think in the realm of bromance, nothing more. He is making a visit to your house of romance, which only happens every twelve years, so you’re poised to get some sweet attention. If not action. There seems to be a bit of tension on a project but keep a leveled head and you should be able to redirect things back to your favor, as long as you handle it before Mars goes retrograde next week. You’ll be glad you did, that way you can focus on the new series Angry Boys.

Venus alert, Aquarius. The planet of love is moving into your home section for a month beginning this week. This is the perfect time to push through the final touches of that prolonged renovation you have been dragging your heels on. Haven’t you gotten tired of living in a state of flux? An organized home means an organized life and it will free up some of that mental real estate you weren’t even aware was being occupied. Call for back up if you need to, bring in a design guru, or take advice from Portlandia and just put a bird on it. Or pickle it.

There’s a lot of planetary movement in your sign, Pisces, it’s a veritable social mixer above you right now. The Sun, Pluto and Mercury are all transiting through your eleventh house of hopes and wishes. And who in the zodiac has more hopes and wishes than you, you darling, day dreaming, wet blanket of a good cause you. Connect with friends and share your project, you’ll find everyone is responsive to your ideas. Make it a priority to go out and mingle, it may feel a bit like work but we know you can find the charm of attending a traffic school seminar. The more you get out there, the more you’ll fuel your hopes and dreams, and thoughts, and passions, and desires, and wishes for a better world, and such. It’s like your own Azealia Banks moment, just without all the gruff female sexuality and what not.