Up next on GWLBWLB: Making out and middle school (not at the same time)

If you’ve been waiting see more of Jared making out then you are in luck! Only this time, it’s with our boy Shane. Is it a scandal? No, it’s just a music video shoot. It didn’t mean anything. It was just acting. The sacrifices our Shane makes for the theater!

Face sucking aside, this week’s episode of GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS is long on drama to keep you talking over the long weekend. Quick, what was the worst time in your life? Don’t think, just say it out loud. MIDDLE SCHOOL. We can all agree that middle school was definitely the worst. It’s followed only by the period known as ‘having a child in middle school’. Well, that’s where Peter is now and I don’t think anybody envies that. We’d rather be making out with Jared on a rooftop.

And, it’s safe to assume, so would Tenisha. But that girl is ready to move on and get her shit together so she can find a good man (with a nice endowment). It’s a good thing she’s got some good gays on her side.

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