The frothiest comments on Iowa GOP results

The big political news in the States this morning is Rick Santorum’s resurgence in the GOP race (otherwise known as the hilarious new reality show The Amazing GOP Race) with his nearly come from behind upset over Mitt Romney, which may please the Santorum campaign and supporters (did they celebrate with some orders of Santorum salad?), but it sure freaked everybody else out. At least it made the Internet gleeful for all the NSFW pun opportunities. It’s not a big secret that the number one return when you Google search “Santorum” is an explicit sexual definition, which was payback initiated by columnist Dan Savage following the senator’s hateful comments on homosexuality. Here are some of the best comments I’ve seen so far this morning from various corners of the Internet and friends on the Iowa GOP nomination results.

“Now that Santorum is surging from the rear, more and more Republicans will google his name.” – PfalzAmi

“I’m frothing just thinking about his influence on the coming election.” – HowToBeCivil

“Romney disappointed he couldn’t lick Santorum coming out of Iowa’s huge caucus” – Aaron S

“Americans start envisioning a life full of Santorum.” – Byram O

“Romney pulls out win in Iowa, but Santorum stains his victory.” – OctoberSurprise

“GUYS: It’s been super fun pretending Iowa matters with you!” – @robdelaney

“I cringed every time CNN has said that Santorum ‘covered the whole state.’” – earthbridge

My favorite is this from the New York Times: “Out of Santorum’s Lean Operation, a Muscular Result.” So many LOLs.