Top 5 that have nothing to do with s#!* people say

Oh-em-gee, the Shit Girls Say copycat videos aren’t going away. If you’re sick of them, here are five brand-spankin’ new videos burning up the Internet and set to go “viral” this week/end thanks to our collective boredom and tendency to procrastinate (not me though).

5. Quadron’s cover of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor,” you know, only one of the greatest songs of our generation, is super and the reactions of my friends who I forwarded this to have been “wowwww” on one end and “why am I tearing up” on the other of the spectrum. I love the stripped down sound of their version. Also, a killer voice of Coco O. on vocals doesn’t hurt it either.

4. If Susan Boyle and Paul Potts have taught us anything, it’s never judge a book by its cover and two, the Internet freaking loves opera. Contestant “Benjamin,” an opera singer busts out a tune for special guest Heidi Klum on our favorite day time game show Price is Right.

3. The most notable beer of President Obama’s term probably was the one he had to endure with Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Cambridge police sergeant Joseph Crowley a couple years ago. And as a whiskey lover, I love my girl Hillary Clinton for getting down with Crown Royal shots. However, the former Australian prime minster Bob Hawke is in a class all by himself as seen in this video of him at a cricket game after someone hands him a cup of beer.

2. Joseph Herscher demonstrates the best and most convoluted method for turning the next page while reading the newspaper in this Rube Goldberg-esque video. This contraption is ideal for the laziest but also the most patient reader in the world.

1. Lastly, the video exploding this week is this kid who vomits after a killer drum solo and then continues to drum away. The video uploader titled it “EPIC Drum Solo FAIL!” but as the top voted comment correctly states: FAIL? you mean more like a FUCKING WIN!!!. This might be the first WIN/FAIL video in the history of these two respective video memes.

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