This week's top 5 trending viral videos

Sorry kids, the Shit People Say videos still aren’t going away (just this Wednesday a “Shit New Yorkers Say” appeared on the Tubes and of course was instantly shared by every New Yorker across the Twitbook), but here are five other videos trending this week that I think, nay guarantee that you will find equal to if not more entertaining.

5. One of my favorite YouTube channels belongs to someone who goes by the literal name of “LiteralMSPaint.” As the name suggests they apply their MS Paint skills to create music videos to inane pop dance songs and interprets the song lyrics literally. The MS Paint skills might be lacking but the comedy level is expert. Their latest takes on the inescapable LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” and I just lost it and began LMFAO at the 1:00 mark.

4. Your smarty pants grandma’s favorite trivia game show Jeopardy has been the scene recently of a couple ribald moments that most likely went over the heads of most viewers watching, including your grammy. However, the blogosphere never misses a thing. One contestant, a self-proclaimed gadabout wrote his name on the show in a decidedly phallic manner (Who is John Munson? Correct!). The juvenile corners of the Internet cafeteria had a laugh this week at this YouTube recording of this guy’s answer on Jeopardy.

3. My non-existent biological clock jumped ahead at least an hour while watching this adorable kid waving goodbye to amused shoppers on the escalator in Boston’s Copely Place Mall. I may be biased, having been one myself at one point, but this is yet further evidence that Asian babies and kids are the cutest.

2. 71 different covers of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” by professionals and amateurs of all ages from around the world are stitched together into one coherent version of this song. This could also be titled “71 people who are better singers than me and I hate them for it because they are probably annoyingly too good at karaoke.” It’s admittedly a long title.

1. Last week I featured the drummer who threw up and played drums LIKE A BOSS. This week, we have this insane Japanese bro beatboxing like a boss (but without the vomit). I like how he can even throw in the whistle bit.