The Ricks: Santorum's boy toys & Perry's customary greeting

Image credit: Gage Skidmore

Like any good reality show, the 2012 Republican primary race is riddled with hypocritical and anachronistic characters that couldn’t be more entertaining if they were scripted. What makes them so buzzworthy is that they believe in a lot of the rhetoric they’re dishing out. But what’s even more mind blowing is they’re really speaking on behalf of their constituents, who in turn will defend the candidate. So color me, and my log cabin, crazy because I recently found out that Rick Santorum has gay men coming to his defense. I don’t really have a log cabin, it was just the obvious reference, but apparently Rick Santorum might.

Last week there was buzz around Rob Schlein, of Metroplex Republicans, who stated he was committed to voting with his party against President Obama, even if the GOP nominee was Rick Santorum. I’m all for free speech, and liberty, and stuff; people have a right to go their own way, but this took the cake. Santorum has consistently talked smack about gay marriage, likening it to bestiality, and claims homosexuality is dismantling America’s family unit, so how can Schlein believe this man is speaking on his behalf? It seems like his frustration with Obama trumps social advancement. Schlein is willing to compromise decades of work just to see any Republican in the executive branch. Yeah, that’s more like obstructionism versus defending your beliefs. Let’s not kid around.

This isn’t the first time an openly gay person has come to Santorum’s defense. Cue Robert Traynham, a former aid of ten years, who defended Santorum’s character on television. Traynham acknowledged the two had ideological discrepancies, but as long as Santorum respects a gay person’s identity, in a political realm, Traynham is fine with him passing judgment and lambasting Queer behavior. You have the right to be gay, you do not have the right to act on it. Is this thing on? And how is equating someone’s sexuality to bestiality respecting their identity?

Not everyone in the GOP has sold their soul to reality television producers. The main website for Log Cabin Republicans stated they have not endorsed a candidate, though they’re positive it wouldn’t be Rick S. as the “divisive social issue politics which helped Santorum’s campaign in Iowa will only hurt him in New Hampshire and beyond as voters learn more about his record.” But, what hurts in New Hampshire goes down easy in South Carolina. Santorum’s big rival with fundamentally crazy set, Rick Perry, just touched down in South Carolina where he was met with a customary local greeting, it’s “good to see someone as homophobic and racist as you.” So maybe those two don’t have a log cabin, just a log doghouse.

It’s easy for a left leaning and–some would say–charming gay liberal like myself to write Santorum and his gay supporters off as just great TV in all its contradictory glory. Who needs to flip a table when people flip on issues to defend hateful, dog whistle politics? Less mess. It’s pretty clear that the Grand Old Party has grown in many different directions. To some it’s a testament to Republican strength that they still rally together. And that of course remains to be seen in New Hampshire. I guess we’ll all learn the truth about Santorum’s audience. I’m totes watching.