Some 2012 resolutions for the gay best friend

So we’re at the start of another year, and we’ve already heard the same resolutions buzzing about: eating better, going back to the gym, tossing out the jeggings. But none of these can put the energy back into a friendship between a woman and her best gay (well, maybe tossing the jeggings). And seeing as this relationship is more solid than say 99% of your other ones, it’s time to get that spark back. Consider some of these BGF relationship resolutions if you need somewhere to start.

  1. Keep tiffs and spats between the two of you until they’re resolved, no need to air your laundry. You’re already committed to each other as it is. It’s not too far of a stretch.
  2. No more posting embarrassing photos of each other on Facebook. Again, keep your private business at home, in the closet.
  3. Limit the amount of “dating profiles” you both have. The Gay in this equation has more than the gal, and he knows what we’re talking about. You don’t need that many distractions.
  4. No more sort-of-making-out. The pansexual progressive utopia of tomorrow isn’t here yet. You’ll just confuse things more, or again. Zip it.
  5. Go out and get tanked together. Just the two of you, put bad behavior and bad men to the side and remind yourselves why no one else gets your sassy bum the way each other do.

According to Chinese astrology, we’re entering the year of the Dragon, and we can expect a lot of intense ups and downs. You know, cause we’re not use to our nation’s governments throwing curveballs, or anything, at us for the past few years. So if you have to tough out an unpredictable adventure, is there anyone else you really want on your side? Go and play responsibly again, it’s why you two clicked in the first place. Devil may care.