Snitches of Downtown Abbey

I feel like King Solomon on Sunday nights lately where I have to make the difficult decision as to whether I want to watch some NFL football or the latest pop culture rage (at least in some pastoral corners of the blogosphere).  It just so happens to air on PBS, something you don’t hear too often. You know it’s a sensation when the New York Times does a trend piece on it, which they did with a recent article about viewing parties being held for this show. This phenomenon is a British import called Downtown Abbey, and for those of you who just emerged from a two-year long slumber, it is a period drama, now in its second season, about the lives of the aristocratic inhabitants (hottie alert: Lady Sybil Crawley) and their servants in a rapidly changing world struggling with the inchoate modernity of the early twentieth century. There’s a certain soap opera element (some call it the “Snitches of Downton Abbey” based on all the gossiping that takes place) to the storylines that makes this show compelling, but it has a rather wide ranging appeal as evident (somewhat) in the ways that the Internet has expressed its love for this show. If you’re a fan, then you’re now in link heaven.

1. Downton Pawnee: This tumblr lands right in the middle overlap in a Venn diagram of fans of Downton Abbey with Parks and Recreation.

2. Shit 3 Girls Say when watching Downtown.

3. This could only emerge from the mind of a pun genius: Downton Abbeyonce (Get it?). It’s a mash-up of screenshots from the show with lyrics from songs by Beyonce or her former girl group Destiny’s Child.

4. Winner of the most obscure and esoteric website might have to go to this self-explanatory: The Lamps of Downton Abbey.

5. Take the Downton Abbey online personality quiz to find out which character you are, then join us back in the reality of 9 to 6 jobs and paying rent!

6. For hard core fans and on a serious note, here’s a rewarding 44 minute Q & A with the some of the cast members of the show with fans.

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