Rick Santorum's twin: McLovin

While digging through the Internet time capsule, someone found Rick Santorum’s high school yearbook photo and apparently he is the twin of “McLovin”, the memorable awkward character played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse in SUPERBAD (actually all the characters were pretty awkward, weren’t they?). Along with the unfortunate looks, maybe this presidential hopeful’s (sorry, just threw up a little in my mouth at that thought) odious views are some form of repressed retribution for his own frustrating, sad high school social experience, theorized this arm chair psychotherapist. While he served in the Senate, “Rick Santorum said the words abortion, fetus, partial-birth, and womb on the Senate floor more than any other person” and not words like, you know, “jobs” or “economy.” Actually, no, there’s no excuse for having views such as continuing to compare gay marriage to polygamy (WTF) as he did at a recent town hall session in New Hampshire. Though it’s reassuring to know he was roundly booed for it there. Here’s hoping New Hampshire has the same result on his candidacy as Iowa did on Michelle Bachmann, which was perfectly captured in this gif image from Conan O’Brien.