Hey, Oscar! Don't forget these performances!

The illustrious Oscar nominations will be announced on January 24, which gives the choosers ample time to read my urgent plea for them to not leave out some of my favorite people!

After all, I care about the Oscars more than life itself, so ignoring my longings would be as sadistically ill-advised as some of the performances that are already locks.

So now that I have the nominators’ attention, I’ll step up and scream the following:

You must give Carey Mulligan a Best Supporting Actress nod for SHAME! She’s all nerve ends and raw emotion as the sister of Michael Fassbender’s character, the one who’s trying to break through his wall of hollow promiscuity and get him to connect on a personal level (though she has her own problems, bigtime). I can’t figure out why Carey’s shattering turn is getting snubbed by so many awards groups. Maybe they don’t know how to take her version of “New York, New York” in the film—a slow, plaintive ballad, accompanied by piano, in which she strips the song’s yearnings bare. It made me want to give her an award even more.

Vanessa Redgrave is also getting snubbed a lot, but that has to stop, people! Hey, Oscar, nominate her for CORIOLANUS, Ralph Fiennes’ very strong updating of the Shakespeare political drama (though she was also good in the not-as-well-received ANONYMOUS). As Fiennes’ mom Volumnia, Redgrave is majestic and moving and burns through the screen with her triumphant talent. Shouldn’t that be enough for a nomination? Sheesh!

And let’s not forget Jessica Chastain. Wait, what am I saying? No one is forgetting Jessica Chastain. But they all seem to be honoring her for THE HELP more than for the other 800 films she did this year. I’d honor her for THE TREE OF LIFE, Terrence Malick’s heady trip into 1950s Texas in which Chastain was the terrified, searching wife of volatile Brad Pitt. To me, that one had more depth and pathos than THE HELP. But what do I know? I’m the one who was rooting for the other Capote movie.

And finally, it would be amazing if Marisa Tomei got a supporting nomination for CRAZY STUPID LOVE. She had a smallish but memorable role as the mildly unhinged schoolteacher who dates Steve Carell’s character, but she milked it with expert timing that was hilarious and even poignant. Tomei, you’ll remember, won the Oscar for MY COUSIN VINNY in 1993, as cynics wondered if the other four grand dame nominees canceled out or if the wrong name was read. She’s since proven herself by getting two more nominations! Let’s make it three, oh esteemed nominators. Pretty please! Make this Oscar watcher happy!