Green tech finds: from solar power to the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up, and while I don’t pay enough attention to say whether it’ll be a good game, it will definitely be a green(er) game. That, plus cooler roofs for more efficient solar power, and a very quick look at over a century of global warming: your green tech finds for the week.

Buy renewable energy for your Volt: While the arguments about the energy sources for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are generally really overblown and oversimplified, many EV drivers do want the cleanest power they can get for their vehicles. So, GM is developing a system for its OnStar platform that would notify Volt drivers when there’s renewable energy available on the grid so they could plug in at the right time. (via Earth 911)

What does global warming look like? If you’re thinking big picture in response to that question, the folks at NASA have released a video that shows 131 years of global temperature fluctuations in 26 seconds. (via Climate Central and @NRDC)

EPA’s tripped out science vehicle: That’s what EPA contractor Katie Lubinsky calls the “mobile measurement system” of its Geospatial Measurements of Air Pollution (GMAP) project. In layman’s terms, it’s a high tech electric vehicle that can measure air pollution on roads and highways (and looks like a PT Cruiser).

Recycled lamps that make a statement: And, according to the designers at Studio Re-Creation, that statement’s about overconsumption of food. According to Inhabitat, the lamps themselves are made from “found recycled objects like glass, cutlery, stainless steel trays, and wire.” (via @dothegreenthing)

A cool roof produces more solar power: Heat and electronics generally don’t mix well, which creates a conundrum for solar systems: they can lose efficiency when it gets too hot. Green Roof Technology’s new ‘Sun-Root’ Solar Living Roof System is designed to minimize heat around roof-mounted solar panels through the incorporation of green roof features. (via Treehugger)

Thinking about solar panels? Many of us are as utility rates continue to rise. But what do you need to know before plunking down a sizable chunk of change on a solar system? Care2′s created a list of nine questions you need to ask before committing to solar power for your home.

Green tech at the Super Bowl: Ecorazzi gives a run-down of some of the environmentally friendly features of Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium (and, yes, the irony of the name isn’t lost on us). Among them: EV charging stations, “Big Ass” fans for moving air efficiently, and a variety of “daylighting” features that keep artificial light use to a minimum.

If you’ve got something else, we’re listening: share your own finds in the comments.


Image credit: Robert Scoble at flickr under a Creative Commons license