GOP candidates summarized in hand signals

BuzzFeed (going increasingly political with their recent hiring of Ben Smith from Politico) has a hilarious photo recap of the recent GOP debates that’s focused on simply their hand gestures. My favorite is the one above of Romney displaying the “He Was THIS Tall” expression.

Lest you think this is entirely way too shallow a topic, even for this silly blogger, hand gestures and body language plays a significant role in the political process for candidates: Bill Clinton popularized the “thumb point” which conveys assertiveness without the accusatory message that a finger point might. There are political “consultants” who charge a king’s ransom in “training” presidential candidates on these matters. Apparently based on this analysis by BuzzFeed, the current crop of GOP candidates could use a new hand gesture consultant. I, for one, am available.

Apparently Newt and Mitt’s hand gestures proved too much for Texas governor Rick Perry to overcome during the debates because today Perry announced he was dropping out of the GOP presidential nomination race. My favorite tweet so far on this topic comes courtesy of @RexHuppke:

If Perry ever decides politics isn’t for him, he can always fall back on his back-up career as a clown (check out this link for more politicians painted like clowns).