Crack gardening, or how to turn a pothole into a work of art

Potholes and sidewalk cracks are an ugly reality of urban living – but they don’t necessarily have to be ugly! East London guerrilla gardener Steve Wheen sees such blemishes as opportunities “to put smiles on peoples faces and alert them to potholes” (as well as show authorities “how shit our roads are”). As the video above shows, Wheen goes beyond just sticking a plant into a hole in the pavement: he creates very small themed gardens in the crevices he finds in his part of the city.

Wheen shares photos and videos his guerrilla activity on a website. As he notes on his “About” page, he’s not the first to engage in “pothole gardening”: he may put more thought into the aesthetics of his creations than any of his predecessors, though. The images below are just a handful that struck my eye; the Pothole Gardner site is well worth some browsing.

Know of other artists/activists engaged in similar acts? Let us know about them.

via Do the Green Thing


Images credit: thepotholegardener at flickr under a Creative Commons license