What 12 days of Christmas actually costs

If commercials during the month of December were a true reflection of the holidays then apparently everyone gives their significant other gaudy jewelry from Kay’s or a brand new Lexus with a big red bow (which you can actually order from Amazon for fifty bucks). However, the benchmark for extravagant Christmas gifting was established by “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” the predecessor of all Christmas commercials (citation needed). First published in England in 1780, this carol sets the standard for Christmas purchases for the 1%. And, as part of their annual tradition, PNC Bank publishes an index of what one set of gifts given by the True Love in the carol would actually cost today, as well as the cumulative total of all the gifts. You can compare the costs each year as far back as 1984. It’s good to know that during these tough economic times I’m doing well enough to at least afford to get my special lady friend six geese-a-laying and two turtle doves.