Vimeo Festival returns with your best shot at a 2012 festival premiere

The 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards: Submissions now open! from Vimeo Festival + Awards on Vimeo.

Face it, you were not nominated for a Golden Globe and your chances for an Oscar don’t look good, either. It’s ok, though… there is a film award you can still win. Look no further than the Vimeo Film Festival and Awards.

Submissions are open for 2012, so make sure you shoot every moment of awkward at home this holiday season. There are 13 categories (including Action Sports, Remix and Fashion), so I’m sure there is something on your hard drive you can tighten up and upload. And just because this is an online festival doesn’t mean the prizes are too shabby. Thirteen $5,000 grants are up for grabs, not to mention an overall prize of $25,000 if you take the whole shebang. Vimeo’s last festival was a blast and gave us some pretty interesting videos. What’s in store for this year? Well, it’s all up to you.