Trend of elaborate marriage proposals. Stop!

Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.

One of my closest friends proposed to his girlfriend over the weekend. He did it neatly and simply. There was a time when a guy was ready to propose to his future wife, it was relatively simple for most: a walk somewhere or maybe at the restaurant of their first date, drop to your knee like Tim Tebow and bust out the ring. But nowadays, thanks to the Internet, some of the more creative fellas out there with their elaborate videos are starting to set people’s expectations of the proposal, to paraphrase Jimmy McMillan, too damn high!

Nowadays, you’ve got help on your wedding journey before you’ve even popped the question. Proposal planners (as if the wedding industry wasn’t already a racket as it is) are at the ready to guide men, and some women, with their proposal and “to help plot a scenario for the key moment and assist in its execution, with just the right helicopter, hot-air balloon or gondola, and along with it the proper locale and musical accompaniment.” It’s fine that people are doing these complex AMELIE-esque proposals but the dang Internet is propagating it. For example, this dancer used a synchronized dance flash mob to propose to his woman. Similarly, this dancing flash mob (little kid in the front was killing it!) on the UCLA campus was also cover for a proposal as well. The latest proposal to burn through the blogosphere looks like it was brainstormed and focus-grouped by Reddit and their community’s love of memes especially rage comics. Taking a page out of that memorable scene in LOVE ACTUALLY (don’t act like you haven’t seen this film and loved it), Tim proposes to his girlfriend using memes and the aforementioned rage comic expressions in this nicely shot video of his proposal.

The cynic in me cringed at the saccharine sentimentality of it all, but goddammit if I, along with the 1.6 million people who’ve viewed this video, still found it so dang wonderful, especially the couple’s heartfelt emotional expressions at the end which is something no meme or rage face could ever fully capture. Lastly, I did think this gif image one of my favorite bloggers put together of his quiet proposal was pretty swell. What are some other good ones you’ve seen on the Internets?