The serial killer and the seductress: Now playing on Sundance Channel

Dominic West as serial killer Fred West in APPROPRIATE ADULT.

If you’ve gotten even a whiff of Hollywood’s turd platter this season (Tower Heist? Seriously?), then the Sundance Channel has the cure.  Instead of Kristen Stewart, we give you Lena Dunham. Rather than Brett Ratner, we’ve got Stanley Kubrick. And in place of Adam Sandler’s drag, we’ve made Dominic West over as a serial killer. Here are our picks for this week’s films that won’t leave you brain dead:

I’ll sit through just about anything for The Wire star Dominic West; it’s just a huge bonus that the trailer for the Sundance Channel original movie APPROPRIATE ADULT looks awesome. If you are used to West as the detective, prepare to be wowed by him as the detected: real-life serial killer Fred West. The reviews promise us stellar performances, and with a co-star like like Oscar nominee Emily Watson we’re bound to be wowed.

If you missed the heaps of praise for TINY FURNITURE last year, it was well-deserved. Twenty-four-year-old Lena Dunham, her mother (real-life artist Laurie Simmons), and her sister play fictionalized versions of themselves in their own apartment. Dunham, a real-life recent college graduate, plays a college graduate who retreats back to the nest, an enormous apartment in TriBeCa. At times funny, others banal, Dunham creates something distinctively honest (Judd Apatow was so impressed he’s producing her HBO series). So, DVR it. And if you like it, keep your eyes peeled for a Criterion DVD release.

Can’t get enough Dunham? She also wrote for the film NOBODY WALKS, which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.
TINY FURNITURE Wednesday at 9 PM

If you have somehow never seen Stanley Kubrick’s LOLITA, then I strongly encourage you to skip work on Thursday. Forget the pedophelia: Kubrick achieves one of the most undeniably heartbreaking love stories of all time in a groundbreaking, psychosexual work of art.
LOLITA Thursday at 2:35 PM

Though this Sundance gem played last week, AMREEKA is worth a mention. If a little sugar-coated, this story of a Palestinian woman and her son’s struggles in a post 9-11 United States was praised by the NY Times as “one of the most accomplished” of its genre.
AMREEKA Sunday at 5PM

Director/lead Michael Tully hopes you’ll stumble on SEPTIEN on late-night TV. Spoiler alert! You’ll be a bit confused, but stick with it.  In one of our top ten oddball films, a Zach Galafanakis look-alike reunites with his two brothers on their isolated Tennessee farm after an 18-year separation. The folks are dead and so, naturally, the isolation begets a Norman Bates-esque scenario.
SEPTIEN Thursday at 10:30 PM

But, wait! There is more. Check out everything playing this week on Sundance Channel.