Get more GWLBWLB: That went swimmingly

There are a few situations when it is OK to lie on a first date. If your date asks an inappropriate question, for example, it’s ok to fib instead of dodge. And if you met online, but your paramour looks and acts like a completely different person in the flesh, it’s ok to smile and nod before you run away, never to be seen or heard from again. This week’s deleted scene, however, has got to mark the first time we’ve ever heard anybody lie about not being able to swim.

OK, maybe Jared was just trying to play it safe. Of course you shouldn’t jump in a lake when you’re drunk (and your date keeps reaching for the goods). That’s some sound logic. We’re not sure Jared was using that same level of reasonableness when he agreed to a second date, just to tell Brent he wasn’t interested. Maybe we’re the old fashioned ones?

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