Queering Kickstarter

With the right pitch anything is possible. It’s like Harvey Milk said, you just have to have hope. Thanks to Kickstarter there is an unbelievably wide variety of Queer projects set to take off. From films about Brooklyn’s first African American-owned gay bar, to documentaries about gay porn and gay rights pioneer, the scope is as diverse as the community they stem from. Here’s a sampling:

CROSSING OVER is a straight up (pun intended) tearjerker in the making. This film follows the lives of Mexican Transgender women seeking political asylum in the US to escape abuse and persecution back home. Machismo culture is alive and well people. Immigration being a hot topic that comes to the foreground in an election year, this film would be a welcome thorn in the sides of our candidates. Personally, I’d love to see how our current President’s views on LGBTQ rights and immigration have evolved on this mixed bag of an issue. We pretty much already know what to expect from the GOP’s nominee. Also, everyone is slightly fascinated by the demimonde of the sex industry, which is a part of the story. What’s not to love?

It’s safe to say that Judaism and Jewish people are history’s most persecuted minority. So it’s only natural to find it so accepting of LGBTQ people in search of a community, strength in numbers and what not. CHOOSING TO BE CHOSEN documents queer people of various socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds converting to Judaism. Take note of the transgender holiday concert and rainbow colored Chanukah candles. And to think, up until the idea for this documentary, all we had was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
PS: J-Date will never be the same.

Homo the Musical reads as a campy, off color—kind of redundant but whatever— independent musical scheduled to premiere in January 2012. Set in a suburban town that encourages homogeny, there is an imposter in the ranks about to sully the good name of the cul de sac. Trauma and drama are promised onstage, all we know is there’s a “Gay Gun ray gun,” we’re guessing it’ll be phallic; double points if it’s black. Written and directed by Lola Rock n Rolla (the self proclaimed New York City equivalent to John Waters), with music by Gina Volpe (punk rock doyenne), the show will be performed in the East Village. You can’t get anymore independent or intentionally rude and rebellious than this.


This has got to be one of the more subversive Kickstarter campaigns in the website’s short history. Douglas Calhoun et co. are stringing together a coherent dialogue and identity for the LGBTQ community through interior design and domestic spaces. Showcasing some of the smarter, savvy, and possibly eccentric, decorating decisions in queer homes is just the ultimate take on the Glass House challenge. The Queer Interior invites you to openly snoop inside a member of the community’s home and see what makes them tick. In today’s polarized world, this may be just the olive branch conservative America responds to. When this online magazine takes off we’re sure living and family rooms across Celebration, FL will undergo massive overhauls. Kudos.

Too Gay for A Category but let’s go with Internet

If you have never known or hung out with the classic “Broadway Gay,” then you must make it your duty to kick start this cause. Michael Munoz, the self proclaimed Gay Gourmet, left reality the minute he first crossed upstage left to downstage right, and has no regrets. The emphasis doesn’t seem to actually be on eating well, or genuine culinary adventures, the concept seems more concerned about its variety show qualities: cheap puns, even cheaper one-liners, campy dance routines, men singing. His Facebook profile depicts him bare chest covered in pasta noodles… with a nipple ring. But at heart it’s clear, Munoz really wants to spice up peoples lives. If he becomes famous along the way, and gets to pull on his earlobe under klieg lights like a latter day gay male Latino version of Carol Burnett, what’s the harm? This cause has guilty pleasure written all over it.

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